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Icon commission - AmericanGirl96
Please pay here AmericanGirl96 

||If it ever starts to feel bad, Little Fang||

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||It's easy to explain, cause this worlds not tame||

Meg | 20 | Genderqueer | Gay af|
Female Pronouns
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Hello! If you are currently reading this then you have stumbled upon my dragoncave internet hunting grounds.
My name is Megan, though I go by the nicknames of;
- Perry
- Rook
- Smeg/Megmeg/Meg
anything else you want to nickname me as xD

I am a hobbyist artist of 20 years old. I spend most of my time drawing cats, but I am willing to try anything! I love cats; I own 16 of them and they all have their own personalities, and it can get rather crazy here.
I am into several fandoms such as;
- Supernatural
- How to Train Your Dragon
- Homestuck
- Avengers
- Warriors
And many more!
I own a tumblr account as well, which is which I am very active on! So feel free to chuck questions at me there!
I use a Wacom Bamboo Tablet and GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) for all my art stuff, but I also like to spend time doing photography!
My goal in life is to become a free lance photographer/falconer and I want to take a course in falconry!
But enough about me!
I hope you enjoy your time browsing my page, and thank you for checking it out!

Art (c) Snovve

||And if it ever starts to feel sad, Little Fang||

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[Click the pixels below to see their refs!]

Pixels created by Flovvers
Joltik pixel (c) JoshR691

||Remember that your gifts are your game!||

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- ClimbToTheStars [see wip]

- ClimbToTheStars Flower themed wolf character [Not paid]
- Fluffysminion Cird Gryphon - hoopoe, goldfinch, kingfisher and Scottish wildcat

Art Trades
- FaIIacy Headshot trade [Schuyler for Serenity]

||The Kingdom of Ambertalia||

Adopted from, and created by, Lyhtypylvas
Art created by RibooArt created by SpectroDraqon
Art created by saturrday
Art created by LittleOvertures
Art created by SlaveToTheMocha
Art created by TinyShiro
Bead created by Fluffysminion
Art created by Lukia26
Art created by ClimbToTheStars
Art created by zenzmurfy
Art created by Ravenshark
Art created by LittleOvertures


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Many thanks, and much love, to you if you choose to donate <3

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<3You're something special, want you to know you are!<3

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Trickster Points - IIII

Dear RooksRookery,
I've known you for quite some time now - over two years, in fact - and I must say that I truly had been provided with one of the greatest blessings known to man: a loving, humorous, understanding, positive, talented, fantastical friend with a heart of absolute gold. You're great, you really are. I could never express enough just how much of a wonderful person you have become throughout your years so far, and I know that in many years to come, you're going to be an even greater person towards society and those who appreciate you will never, ever want to let you go. You're a treasure. It's often rare to come across someone so incredibly sweet and genuine; someone who knows how to handle situations with a respectable approach, someone who learns from their mistakes rather than deliberately glorifying them, someone who has established the real meaning of the word 'friend' and knows exactly how to maintain a strong friendship with others. I appreciate your existence. I appreciate you for being you. I don't think I could ever praise you enough simply for existing, simply for comforting me every day with the very thought of your presence. Talking to you, whether it be face-to-face or simply online soothes me. I've never felt so safe nor close with a friend until I got to know you. My best friend, my moirail.

Thank you. Thank you so much for being who you are, and a million times thank you for choosing me as your best friend. My gratitude shall never fade. c:
There's something important I'd also like to say to you; sometimes you forgot just how special you are, just how much you're worth.
You. Are. Amazing.
You don't deserve pain in any way, shape or form. You shouldn't doubt those beautiful talents of yours, because you've truly come a long way and there's only up to go from here! You're a great person, not a bad one - Remember that. You are strong for fighting the stresses of this somewhat messed up world, and I know you can continue to keep doing so... Because in the end, it's all worth it. There's a reward waiting right around the corner. Trust me, Megan, you're going to go far. You will do well. I'll try my very best to help you every step of the way.

Thank you again. For being you. :heart:



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